‘Rectify’ Season Finale Preview: Daniel’s Surprising Love Triangle Confession (Exclusive Video)

Tawney’s ready to end her marriage, but Daniel uncharacteristically gives her reason to pause

There’s no love lost between step brothers Daniel and Teddy, but a surprising olive branch is extended in the season 2 finale of “Rectify.”

In this exclusive clip (above) from Thursday’s all new episode, Daniel (Aden Young) makes a surprising confession to Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) after their night together.

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She’s ready to end her marriage to Teddy (Clayne Crawford) after a horrific blowout in last week’s episode, but Daniel’s revelations about Teddy’s internal struggles appears to give his wife pause.

“He’s been dealing with a lot lately,” Daniel tells her. “Things you don’t know about.”

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It’s not that fact that seems to throw Tawney off, but rather the fact that Daniel, of all people, could know something about Teddy’s personal ordeals. It turns out, the brothers have had a long stand-off on a familiar topic – Tawney.

The finale of “Rectify” has teased more developments in the growing Teddy-Tawney-Daniel triangle, as well as more pressing matters, like whether or not Daniel will take a plea deal and go back to prison for the rape and murder of his high school girlfriend 19 years prior.

“Rectify” has been renewed for a third season, so all the questions are not likely to be answered by the end of the night.