Regis Philbin Has No Concerns About Hitching Rides With Total Strangers (Video)

“These guys loved me,” former “Live” co-host tells David Letterman of two guys in a white van who offered him a ride

Being rich and famous doesn’t guarantee you a free ride. But it did land Regis Philbin one. During an appearance on “Late Show” Thursday night, the 82-year-old media legend recalled a time recently that he needed to get down to CBS in New York, but was having trouble hailing a cab.

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“All of a sudden, a white van pulls up,” Regis said. “Two guys in the white van. … One of them actually said to me, ‘How are you enjoying this fine day?’”

Regis’ thought was, “Who the hell is this guy?” But he was in need of a ride, and the guys proved more than willing. “Before I know it, ‘Regis is seen hitchhiking,’” Philbin said, shocked at how quickly the story made Internet headlines.

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Letterman had the video of the encounter, pulled from the TMZ website, and it looked like it was taken by one of the guys in the van. No wonder they were so willing to give Philbin a ride, considering they were filming the entire encounter.

Regardless, Letterman had concerns, and tried to warn Philbin of taking rides from total strangers in white vans. “Typically, here’s how that story ends,” he said. “Three months later they find your decomposing body in Staten Island.”

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“Really?” Philbin asked. “These guys loved me. ‘We miss you so much on TV, Regis.’”