‘Reign’ Star Torrance Coombs: ‘It’s Weird Trying to Have Sex With Somebody and Not Thrust’ (Video)

In the latest edition of TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars,” Coombs talks about The CW drama’s hotly anticipated season finale

Torrance Coombs is a master of intrigue.

The actor, who plays Sebastian on The CW’s “Reign,” revealed a few tantalizing details from the show’s highly-anticipated season finale on this episode of  TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars.”

While Coombs promised a few shockers, he was mum on specifics.

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“I’ll tell you there’s a confrontation coming up,” Coombs said. “We will see everything with the darkness come to a head. The confrontation is maybe not what people expect. It’s fun. I like where we went with it.”

“As always, when one problem is solved, it opens up another,” Coombs continued. “So, I think our finale will satisfy people in terms of tying up most of the loose ends, but it certainly doesn’t leave everything … in a happy place necessarily or in a resolved place before next season.”

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The season finale of “Reign” airs Thurs. May 15 at 9/8 central on The CW.