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‘Rememory’ Star Peter Dinklage on Crowdsourcing Real Memories (Video)

Sundance 2017: ”We said, ‘Send in your memories’ and people did,“ director Mark Palansky tells TheWrap

In the new film “Rememory,” “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage plays a character who is “haunted by his past,” co-star Julia Ormond told TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly at the Sundance Film Festival. “He wants to try to find resolution through using an invention which is a machine that takes you back into accurate memory.”

“He has a very painful memory from his recent past that he wants to unravel,” Dinklage said of his character.

But to depict this memory-trapping invention, writer-director Mark Palansky teamed with Dinklage for a crowd-sourcing project to solicit the memories of real-life people to include in the film.

“I wanted to expand the breadth of memory to the world,” Palansky said. “We said, ‘Send in your memories’ and people did — we got probably a thousand from all over the world.”

Palansky said he only used a handful of the crowd-sourced memories in the film, relying more on ones from his and Dinklage’s own experience.

“There is sort of a consistency to a lot of people’s memories — you already remember the first birthday cake,” he said. “It was important also to feather in not just dramatic memories, but bacon and eggs … or a plane flying overhead.”

Watch the full video above.

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