Rep. Jasmine Crockett Defends Use of ‘S–tter’ in Congress: ‘I Will Match Your Energy or Exceed It’

The Texas Congresswoman has no regrets

On Friday, Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett pulled off what CNN’s Abby Phillip says “may be a first.” While delivering heated remarks about allegations that Donald Trump stored classified documents around his Mar-A-Lago home, including a bathroom, Crockett commented that it appears some of the documents looked as if they were stored “in the s–tter to me.”

When asked by Phillip what prompted the use of the word, Crockett explained, “To be clear, Nancy Mace continued to cuss in this hearing,” said the congresswoman from South Carolina. “And my attitude is, I will match your energy or exceed it.”

“And I felt like I was gonna use a better, you know, way of using the word when I used it. So I did. And that was that,” she continued.

When asked what she might say to people who might question Crockett’s strategy of “matching energy with energy,” the congresswoman replied, “I say that they don’t understand what’s going on in Congress and they don’t understand what’s going on in our country.”

“Right now, I think historically — and I applaud those who have come before me — Democrats have always wanted to be the ones to say, ‘This is how we are supposed to conduct ourselves.’ And they think that just by maintaining that type of decorum that MAGAs and others will respond and do the same,” she explained.

Crockett continued, “But they don’t. And so sometimes you’ve gotta make sure that they know that you can bring it as well.”

She added that while some might not approve of her language, quite a few people have reached out and thanked her. Crockett said, “They’re tired of us kind of sitting back quietly.”

Additionally, the Congresswoman feels she responded appropriately on an emotional level. She said, “In that moment, I was very emotional for a lot of reasons. Number one, as an attorney, it was an affront to me that we are going through a sham impeachment where there is no evidence.”

On top of that, she continued, “Right now, our government is about to shut down. The one thing we are supposed to be able to do is pass a budget, and they weren’t doing that.”

Watch the exchange between Abby Phillip and Congresswoman Jasmine Crocket in the video above.


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