Rep Peter King Not a ‘Big Movie Guy’ But Will Head to Theaters to Defy Sony Hackers (Video)

“You don’t threaten to kill people because you don’t like a movie,” the New York Congressman tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer

Congressman Peter King is not known for his sympathy toward terrorists, and on Tuesday, he had a message for the Sony hackers.

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“I don’t believe we should ever be backing down to these type of threats,” King told Wolf Blitzer in response to a question about whether movie theaters shouldn’t air “The Interview” on Christmas in the face of threats by the Sony hackers.

King went on to caution that unless security officials receive credible threats, the U.S. can’t give into terror threats. He fell short of declaring North Korea as the the definite hackers, but equated the country to a gang of thugs.

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“I wouldn’t be afraid to go to the movie because of the treat. I’m not a big moviegoer, I’d have to see the reviews. Probably, I would go now just as an act of defiance, but I’m not a big movie guy.”

When asked if the movie “The Interview,” which is a comedy depicting Seth Rogan and James Franco‘s attempt to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was appropriate, King attacked North Korea.

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“Today, in the 21st century, you don’t threaten to kill people because you don’t like a movie…North Korea is not a civilized society.”

Watch video above.