‘Respect’: Jennifer Hudson’s Aretha Franklin Finds Her Voice in New Trailer (Video)

New film follows Aretha from childhood to eventual stardom

Cynthia Erivo isn’t the only one bringing Aretha Franklin to our screens this year. Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson will play the iconic singer in “Respect,” and in a new trailer for the film, we see exactly why she was the perfect casting choice.

The trailer opens on Aretha as a young girl singing with her mother — played by the incomparable Audra McDonald — at the piano. Imparting some motherly wisdom, Aretha is told that singing should always be something she wants to do, not something others want for her.

“What’s most important is that you are treated with dignity and respect,” her mother says, foreshadowing what’s to come.

We then see a montage of a young Aretha, as those around her begin to discover her killer pipes, before Hudson appears as adult Aretha. At this point in her career, she’s had four albums without a hit single and is feeling discouraged. But superstardom is just around the corner.

The trailer gives an exceptionally abridged version of how the iconic song “Respect” was born, showing it come together in Aretha’s living room and later, performed onstage in front of thousands of screaming fans.

We also get a look at Forest Whitaker as Aretha’s father and Marlon Wayans as Ted White, the singer’s first husband.

“Respect” is slated to hit theaters on Aug. 21. You can watch the full trailer here and above.


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