Did ‘Terminator 2’s’ Edward Furlong Go the ‘Full Mel Gibson’?

Edward Furlong’s ex-wife gets a temporary restraining order against the actor based on claims of threatening, abusive voice mails and texts

He co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in James Cameron’s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” in 1991, but in 2010 Edward Furlong’s ex-wife is claiming he spent some time in the Mel Gibson School of Interpersonal Relations.

Rachel Kneelandapplied for and received a temporary domestic violence restraining order against her ex-husband on Aug. 12 in L.A. County Superior Court.

Kneeland, who was married to the actor from 2006 to 2009, claims in a series of voice mails and text messages that Furlong called her a “cesspool of s—,” that he would “hire people to beat me with chains and bats,” pledged to rip out her boyfriend’s “f—ing heart and f—ing feed it to him,” and threatened to stop paying financial support.

There are also allegations of “Eddie’s drug and alcohol abuse” and what can generously be called questionable child-rearing techniques by the actor in Kneeland’s filing.

Like Lindsay Lohan, Furlong was thrust into the Hollywood spotlight at a young age, getting the “Terminator 2” role when he was 12. The actor, whose career has been more indie and straight-to-DVD than blockbuster in the last decade, appears in Seth Rogan and director Michael Gondry’s upcoming 3D “Green Hornet” movie, due out Jan. 14, 2011.

No matter how good it is, “Green Hornet” will have a hard time being as eye-popping as Kneeland’s court filing.

The 29-page document graphically describe texts, as recent as Aug. 6, and other communication stretching back to 2006 that charge repeated abusive and threatening behavior by Furlong, as well describing the “drug addict” actor’s heavy prescription drug use, cocaine use and recurring suicidal tendencies.

In one detailed voice mail from June 8, 2010, Furlong — who Kneeland claims is sporadic in his financial support — says he isn’t “giving you any more f—ing money” to her. That is followed up by a claim that the 33-year old actor will assault Kneeland’s boyfriend Ron Zvagelsky. “I will f—ing rip him a new one … you can f—ing, you see if you like him still when his f—ing little pretty face is all deformed.”

She also claims that in June, Furlong told her that he pulled down their son’s pants in front of his mother and brother after the 3-year old opened the bathroom door on Furlong urinating. A month later, Kneeland claims, Furlong “admitted to me that he hit Ethan in his testicles to teach him a lesson.”

Kneeland says she will play Furlong’s voice mails at a hearing scheduled for Aug. 31 in downtown Los Angeles.

Kneeland previously obtained a restraining order against Furlong in September 2009. That order was dismissed under the condition, Kneeland says, that Furlong, who has been in rehab several times and was arrested for a DUI in 2001 and for “public intoxication” in 2004, seek drug testing and counseling. She now says, “I have no information to show Eddie ever went to counseling.”

Attempts by TheWrap to reach Furlong’s representatives were not immediately returned.

The story was first reported on TMZ.