Colbert Dubs Rex Tillerson ‘Football Coach Being Forced to Teach Sex Ed’ (Video)

Secretary of State does have a certain look

The best line of Stephen Colbert’s Thursday monologue just so happened to be his very first one. And yes, it was at your expense, Rex Tillerson.

“I’m worried,” the CBS host began, “I am so worried about Secretary of State and football coach being forced to teach Sex Ed. Rex Tillerson.”

The quip was accompanied by the perfect photo of the high-ranking Trump Administration official.

Colbert then recapped “Moron”-gate, which became big news after NBC reported Tuesday that Tillerson used the intellect-disparaging phrase against his boss, President Trump. The allegations have been denied by the Secretary of State’s spokesperson and Donald Trump, though Tillerson himself pretty much just skirted the question.

Speaking of the ex-energy executive, Tillerson, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have reportedly formed what the media is dubbing a “suicide pact,” in which all three officials agreed to resign together if Trump makes a moves against any one of them.

“That’s when you know thinks are going great at workplace, when people start forming suicide pacts,” Colbert said. “They’ve also agreed that if none of them are with someone by the time they’re 70, they’ll marry each other.”

Watch the video above.