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Colbert Agrees With Rex Tillerson: Trump Is a ‘F—ing Moron’ (Video)

Secretary of State was on to something

Stephen Colbert finally agrees with somebody in the Trump Administration. According to an NBC News report that has since been disputed, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the POTUS a “moron” after a meeting at the Pentagon this summer, something the CBS host doubled-down on last night.

But first, he scolded the guy.

“Hold on there, Rex,” Colbert said, “no one calls the President a ‘moron’ except ME. And other world leaders, and ultimately, history.”

Tillerson pulled a non-denial denial on the “moron” remark on Wednesday, which Trump took to be total vindication. (A spokesperson for the State Department later said that Tillerson had never used the word t describe the president.)

The leader of the free world now wants an apology from NBC News, the outlet that first reported on Moron-gate.

Colbert (perhaps surprisingly) agreed.

“NBC News does owe us an apology. Because apparently Tillerson didn’t call our President a ‘moron.’ He called him a ‘f—ing moron,'” Colbert said, citing this Vox clarification.

That’s some amplified terminology the “Colbert Report” alum can really get behind, which is exactly what he did at the tail-end of Wednesday’s monologue with an eye towards North Korea.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard, but he’s a f—ing moron,” Colbert-as-Tillerson said, while playing “good cop” to Trump’s foreign policy “bad cop.”

Watch the video above, and God Bless America.