Rian Johnson Releases ‘Looper’ Commentary to Take Into the Cineplex

"Looper" director Rian Johnson wants you to take your earbuds to the movies

Rian Johnson has come up with a clever way to get moviegoers to see “Looper” on a loop — he’s released a downloadable commentary track designed to play on viewers’ iPods while they watch the time-bending thriller in theaters.

Johnson made the track available online on Oct. 5, distinguishing it from the bonus features that’ll accompany the film’s DVD release. “It is totally different from the commentary track that will be on the Blu/DVD, a bit more technical and detailed,” he noted.

The director, who has also made a splash on the small screen with memorable stints behind the camera on AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” pointed out that the track isn’t targeted at first-time “Looper” viewers (“or before you’ve seen the film,” in case you’re really missing the point).

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And Johnson kept the enjoyment of fellow “Looper”-goers in mind by recommending that those who choose to play the track in darkened theaters “work it so that a glowing screening [sic] is never out of your pocket during the movie.”

Check out the download here and get ready to take your earbuds to the cineplex.