Rian Johnson’s ‘Knives Out’ Trailer: Chris Evans Tells His Family to ‘Eat S—‘ (Video)

Murder mystery starring Daniel Craig opens Nov. 27

So much for all of Captain America’s nobility. Chris Evans is just one member of a star-studded cast to appear in the first trailer for Rian Johnson’s whodunit murder mystery “Knives Out,” and he shatters his golden-boy image with what promises to be a breakout performance.

“Knives Out” stars Daniel Craig as a detective investigating the death of the patriarch of a wealthy, but eccentric and combative family. And you can see that contempt the family has for everyone else in Evans’ moment, in which he tells each member of his family to “eat s—, and you eat s—.”

Craig meanwhile looks like he’s having a blast, doing a Southern drawl accent like he’s in an Agatha Christie novel transplanted to Alabama.

“I suspect foul play. And I have eliminated no suspects,” Craig says. “A twisted web, and we are not finished untangling it, not yet.”

Johnson wrote and directed “Knives Out,” his foll0w-up to “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” from 2017 and his first original feature since 2012’s excellent “Looper.” And boy has he assembled an impressive cast cast: Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, Toni Collette, Michael Shannon, Katherine Langford, Christopher Plummer, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Jaeden Martell and Lakeith Stanfield all star in the film.

Lionsgate is releasing Johnson’s “Knives Out” on Nov. 27. Watch the scandalous and profanity-laced first trailer above, and see some official images below:

Knives Out Daniel Craig Lakeith Stanfield
Lionsgate/Claire Folger
Knives Out Cast
Knives Out Chris Evans Rian Johnson
Lionsgate/Claire Folger