Rick Rosenthal and Nancy Stephens to Host Democratic Fundraiser for Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown (Exclusive)

The swing state politician is coming to L.A. Thursday for the event hosted at the filmmaker’s private residence

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (Getty Images)

With the writers strike over, more politicians are returning to Los Angeles to collect donations from the infamous Hollywood ATM.

On Thursday, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio will be on the Westside, raising money at the Brentwood home of actress Nancy Stephens and her husband, TV and film director Rick Rosenthal, TheWrap has learned.

Event organizer Cookie Parker told supporters in an email that the upcoming election is vital to prevent Republicans from taking the Senate.

“We are at pivotal moment in our nation’s history. We have a binary choice between democracy and autocracy,” Parker said in the email, adding that voters should support her party if they want to “protect reproductive rights, civil rights, LGBTQ+ rights, education, and the environment.”

Co-hosts for Thursday’s fundraiser include Matt Crowley, Jennifer Miner, Dori and Charles Mostov, Sara Nichols, Cookie Parker, Joyce Rey, Susan Sheu and Brian Colker, Heather Thomas and Skip Brittenham, Julie Waxman and Seth Freeman.

Democrats hope to hold their slight majority in the Senate, while Republicans hope to tilt the numbers their way in the next election. The Senate currently has 51 Democrats (including three independents who usually vote with the Democrats) and 49 Republicans. There are 34 seats up in 2024, including a special election in Nebraska. Of those seats, 23 are held by Democrats or Independents.

Republicans could take control by gaining two seats or by winning the 2024 presidential election and gaining just one seat. 

With actors and writers both on strike, fundraising in Hollywood had been on hold. When the Writers Guild of America settled its strike Sept. 27, fundraising plans started up again.

On Oct. 27, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen will host a private concert in Beverly Hills to benefit the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Sara Bareilles and Jennifer Hudson are scheduled to perform alongside Legend at the event. Ticket prices for the fundraiser’s attendees are between $5,000 and $50,000.


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