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Sen. Rick Scott Draws ‘King of the Hill’ Comparisons for His Spanish at Florida Trump Event

The Republican Florida senator sounded, to many, like Peggy Hill from the animated Fox sitcom

Sen. Rick Scott’s attempt at speaking Spanish during Donald Trump’s Florida rally Sunday had many observers comparing him to “King of the Hill” character Peggy Hill.

The Republican senator made his plea for voters’ support in Spanish but it was marred by a strong American accent, mentioning Democratic nominee Joe Biden by name and dropping the world “socialista.” The Trump re-election campaign has falsely and repeatedly claimed that Biden has socialist views.

After videos of the speech starting circulating on Twitter, its users began drawing comparisons to a scene in the animated Fox sitcom where Peggy Hill attempts to speak Spanish, inadvertently calling a judge “a reasonable horse” and mistakenly saying she is pregnant. In Spanish, a “caballo” is a horse while a “caballero” is a gentleman. Her pregnancy mix-up comes from a false cognate, or a word that sounds similar to an English word but has an entirely different meaning in another language. “Embarazada” means “pregnant,” not “embarrassed.”

In the clip, Hill — voiced by Kathy Najimy, a strong supporter of Biden’s — also speaks in a severe American accent.

Mans speaking that Peggy Hill español,” joked one user. Others followed suit. Other users ridiculed the senator without invoking any cartoons. Soon enough, “Peggy Hill” was trending. 

Rick Scott‘s little Spanish performance last night really absolved Beto didn’t it,” joked gun reform advocate Cameron Kasky, referencing one-time Democratic nominee hopeful Beto O’Rourke, who got a little bilingual — to severe mockery — during one of the primary debates. 

Watch both clips below: