Ricky Gervais Got Recognized During a Prostate Exam (Video)

“Derek” star was in the middle of the very personal exam when the doctor said, “Big fan, by the way”

Ricky Gervais talked about trying to stay fit and healthy as he ages on “The Late Late Show.” He and Craig Ferguson were able to commiserate about the aches and pains that come with exercising while in their 50s. But then, Gervais shifted the topic to prostate exams.

Apparently, in the UK it’s not as common for men to start getting prostate exams after the age of 40, as Gervais said that was something that starts at 50. Nevertheless, it’s something he’s had to deal with for five years now.

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Five years, though, was not long enough to make it feel normal when his doctor recognized him in the middle of the exam. Gervais used a very clear hand gesture to show what was going on physically during the exam, and said, “He does that and he went, ‘Big fan by the way.’”