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Robbie Amell Says Even ‘Tom Brady Is a DUFF,’ Takes Superhero ‘Wrapid Fire’ Quiz (Video)

”Somebody is always smarter than you, faster than you, better looking than you,“ says the film and ”Flash“ star on an all-new ”Drinking With the Stars“

“The DUFF” is more than just one of the year’s most anticipated teen comedies. As Robbie Amell told TheWrap during the latest installment of “Drinking with the Stars,” it also tells a very human and relatable story.

“It’s about finding who you are in high school and gaining the confidence to be the best version of yourself,” Amell told TheWrap at Riviera 31 in L.A.’s Sofitel Hotel. “Somebody is always smarter than you, faster than you, better looking than you … even Tom Brady is a DUFF.”

Amell admits his character in the film (Wesley Rush) is a “typical dumb high school jock” at first glance. But in real life the actor said his high school years were far less dramatic.

“I went to school in Toronto and all Canadians are polite. It was a very tame high school experience. Everyone apologizes,” he joked. “Nah, I was a jock. But I didn’t just hang out with the jocks … I really did have a pretty tame high school experience.”

In addition to starring in the new teen comedy with Mae Whitman and Bella Throne, Amell plays one half of the DC Comics superhero Firestorm alongside Victor Garber on The CW’s “The Flash.” But just how well does the actor know comic book characters?

TheWrap put his knowledge to the test in a fast and furious round of “Wrapid Fire: DC or Marvel?”

“Nobody wanted to pretend they were Swamp Thing,” he joked, while trying to figure out which comic universe the character hails from.

Watch the superhero video

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