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Robert Downey Jr, Mark Hamill, Ellen and Other Stars Prove We’re All Irish on St Patrick’s Day

”I’m keeping my eyes peeled for rainbows today!“ tweets Dolly Parton

Whether it’s by hugging a tree, dancing with leprechauns or sharing a pint of ale, Hollywood came out in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday.

“Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. went all-in by not only hugging a tree (it’s green, get it?), but he also shamelessly rocked a head-to-fingertip-to-ankle Kelly green body suit covered in shamrocks. Um, Bob, next year you might want to hunt for an outfit with four-leaf clovers and not three — that extra leaf helps with the whole “luck of the Irish” thing.

Ellen DeGeneres kept the humor theme going with animated leprechauns doing a jig on pots of gold. Elsewhere, “Star Wars” star Mark Hamill proudly declared, “Today the whole galaxy is Irish.”

Here are those and more:

Below are a few others who are in the mood to party, including Mark Wahlberg, who slipped in a plug for his family’s restaurant chain.