Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Super Bowl Ad Baffles Viewers: ‘Was My Stream/Mind Just Hacked?’ | Video

The long-shot candidate used audio from his uncle JFK’s 1960 campaign in the promo

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A campaign ad for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was aired during the Super Bowl, released by the American Values 2024 political action committee, which raised eyebrows for more reasons than one. The long-shot candidate used audio from his uncle’s 1960 presidential campaign ad, even though multiple Kennedy family members have disavowed pretty much everything the independent candidate stands for.

The collective response to the ad appeared to be confusion; as former Washington Post writer Steven Zeitchik put it, “Did anyone else see that RFK Jr. ad or was my stream/mind just hacked?”

Zeitchik wasn’t the only one who had a strong reaction to the commercial. Writer Sophie Vershbow tweeted, “The way my entire Super Bowl party let out a collective ‘ewwwwww’ at the RFK Jr. ad.”

While not an official ad from Kennedy’s campaign itself, the Democratic National Committee accused the campaign just days ago of coordinating too closely with the American Values 2024 PAC that supports him.

Activist and writer Charlotte Clymer said, “Just a reminder: the Kennedy family is not supporting Robert Kennedy, Jr. To watch this mediocre excuse for a leader co-opt President Kennedy’s iconic campaign ad is predictably craven. This is what RFK, Jr. does. He’s a hall-of-fame charlatan.”

In that vein, Harry Sisson added, “Reminder: RFK Jr. is a right-wing lunatic who believes insane conspiracies about vaccines, government and more. His Super Bowl ad was distasteful and he is NOT a real Kennedy. His own family has disavowed him and encouraged Americans to vote for Biden.”

The Twitter account BuccoCapital Bloke threw a bit of humor into the conversation and tweeted an “Inglorious Basterds” reference: “RFK Jr, you are running 1960’s stylized ads to pretend to be your uncle, are you not?”

Scam Economy host Matt Binder pointed out, “apparently the guy who founded LimeWire is behind the PAC that paid for that RFK Jr. Super Bowl ad.”

(It’s true: Limewire founder Mark Gorton is a financial backer of RFK Jr.)

Another Twitter user drew a parallel to a storyline from “Succession” and wrote “RFK Jr. spending 10 million dollars on a Super Bowl ad” alongside a scene featuring would-be politician Connor Roy.

As for the man himself, Kennedy Jr. appeared to ignore the controversy surrounding the PAC ad and instead shared nostalgic black-and-white photos of his family playing football.


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  1. Rick From CT Avatar
    Rick From CT

    He’s a right wing nut job and I base that on what his own family says about his idiotic Covid conspiracy theories.

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