Robert Knepper to Stay on ‘iZombie’ After Assault Accusation, WBTV Finds No On-Set Wrongdoing

Actor was accused of sexual assault by a costume designer last month

Robert Knepper iZombie
Jack Rowand/The CW

Robert Knepper will stay on as a series regular on The CW’s “iZombie” following an investigation into an allegation of sexual assault, producers Warner Bros. Television said on Wednesday.

“We were deeply concerned about recent allegations regarding Robert Knepper,” a WBTV spokesperson said in a statement. “As a result, we conducted an internal inquiry with some of the cast and crew of iZombie. We found no evidence of wrongdoing on the set of the show. We have taken and will continue to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and well-being of all involved, which is our top priority.”

The actor was accused of sexual assault by costume designer Susan Bertram in a Hollywood Reporter article last month. Betram said that Knepper grabbed her crotch while filming “Gas Food Lodging” in 1991.

In an Instagram post following the report, Knepper denied the allegation, saying he was “shocked and devastated to be falsely accused of violence against a woman.”

Knepper, who is also a veteran of WBTV’s “The Flash,” first appeared as a recurring character in the first season of “iZombie,” but was promoted to series regular status for the upcoming Season 4.