Robert Pattinson Exploding Pasta in the Microwave Is Brilliant Performance Art, Right?

Bonkers GQ cover story has a lengthy description of “The Batman” star trying to cook what he calls “Piccolini Cuscino”

Is Robert Pattinson’s latest interview, in which he demonstrates how to make his own fast food pasta dish and winds up setting off a lightning storm in his microwave, for real or perhaps a brilliant piece of performance art?

Even the author of his GQ cover story isn’t totally sure. Though Pattinson talks somewhat in the piece about “Tenet,” “The Batman” and his career after “Twilight,” the highlight is a lengthy section in which writer Zach Baron describes Pattinson’s attempt to cook an interesting dish.

“I wish I could tell you whether what I’m about to describe here is a bit, or a piece of performance art, or is in fact sincere–even now, I don’t totally know,” Baron writes.

In the piece, Pattinson does a cooking demo and questions whether aluminum foil can be put in the oven. However, he ends up putting his bizarre creation, one that involves pasta, nine pieces of sliced cheese, “any” sauce and a box of corn flakes, in the microwave and setting off a “lightning bolt” that forces him to take cover inside his own home.

“He’s giggling and crouching as the oven throws off stray flickers of light and sound. ‘The f—ing electricity…oh, my God,’ he says, still on the floor. And then, with a loud, final bang, the oven/microwave goes dark,” the piece reads.

Pattinson’s dish, which he calls “Piccolini Cuscino,” or Little Pillow, is supposedly all part of a very real business idea that he developed for a pasta “which you can hold in your hand.” Pattinson says he even developed a prototype and met with Sugarfish and Uovo restaurateur Lele Massimini to pitch his idea. GQ even spoke with Massimini and said that Pattinson’s account is “100 percent true, everything he told you.”

The finished product though sounds like a congealed mess, one that is layered with cheese slices, sugar and crushed corn flakes after being nuked for eight minutes. At one point he even burned his rubber glove onto his hand.

“You look like you’re cooking meth,” Baron told him.

“I’m really trying to sell this company. I’m doing this for my brand,” Pattinson replied.

The whole description is completely nuts and well worth a read. Check out Pattinson’s full interview with GQ here.


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