Robert Redford Says #MeToo Will Help Women in Hollywood (Video)

Sundance 2018: “It’s changing the order of things,” says festival founder

Sundance 2018 is underway and founder Robert Redford said in the opening press conference on Thursday that the #MeToo movement will help women in Hollywood.

“I’m pretty encouraged right now,” said Redford. “What it’s doing is bringing forth more opportunities for women and more opportunities for women in film to have their voices heard and do their own projects.”

He added: “It’s changing the order of things so women have a stronger voice.”

Redford also went on to say that men have to listen, “The role for men right now would be to listen and to let women’s voices be heard and think about it.”

Keri Putnam, the Sundance Institute’s executive director, and John Cooper, the head of the festival joined Redford on stage and the three faced tough questioning about the festival’s relationship with Harvey Weinstein.

“We were sickened to hear along with everyone else about Harvey’s behavior, certainly even more so to learn that at least a couple of those incidents happened at the Sundance Film Festival,” said Putnam.

“Sundance as an institution never contributed to that behavior,” added Putnam. “We have long standing standards of respect and tolerance. We support artists. We stand for diversity and creativity and a lot of things that are in direct opposition to that behavior. I want to be firm on that.”

“I think we will move past that,” said Redford. “I don’t think he will stop the show.”