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Robin Hardy, ‘Wicker Man’ Director, Dies at 86

Nicolas Cage starred in the 2006 remake of the British cult classic

Robin Hardy, whose directed the 1973 British cult classic “The Wicker Man,” died on Friday at the age of 86, the BBC reports.

“The Wicker Man” was Hardy’s directorial debut, and starred an already established Christopher Lee. Many years later, the legendary actor would recall it as the best of the more than 200 films in which he starred.

A 2006 remake starring Nicolas Cage failed to garner the creative and visual praise as Hardy’s original.

In 2011, Hardy made a sequel to “Man” called “The Wicker Tree” adapted from his own novel.

Hardy said he wanted to make a third “Wicker” movie after Christopher Lee’s death n 2015. Sadly, he didn’t complete the trilogy.

Hardy also wrote and directed “The Fantasist” in 2006/