Robin Thicke ‘Tampered With’ Court Order in Child Custody Case, Paula Patton Says

“Blurred Lines” singer also accused of interfering with a child-services investigation

Robin Thicke
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Robin Thicke is seriously blurring the lines in his ongoing child custody drama, his ex-wife Paula Patton claims.

In court papers filed Tuesday, Patton claims that Thicke and his lawyers “tampered with” a court order to make it seem like Thicke had a valid custody and visitation order for their son.

Patton claims that Thicke used the allegedly tampered-with document to make it appear that Patton was in violation of a valid court order, and thus bring law enforcement and the Department of Child and Family Services [DCFS] down on her.

The court papers go on to accuse Thicke of reporting that Patton had kidnapped their son, and threatened to file a kidnapping report against her.

Among the other allegations made in Tuesday’s filing: that Thicke “interfered with and attempted to influence the outcome of a pending DCFS investigation”  into him, and lobbied DCFS staff to close the investigation.

The alleged fishy behavior also includes Thicke taking a DCFS case worker to “an expensive sushi dinner.”

“At a minimum this created an extreme appearance of impropriety,” the papers read. “At worst, DCFS cannot be trusted.”

Patton and Thicke, who married in 2005 and announced their split in 2014, have been locked in a nasty custody battle revolving around their son Julian. Patton has accused Thicke of “excessively spanking” Jordan. In January, Patton filed papers accusing Thicke of a variety of bad behavior, including kicking, pushing an hitting Patton.

Patton also claimed that Thicke suffers from “ongoing anger, alcohol and drug problems,” and that she caught him having “inappropriate contact” with a masseuse in their home.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.