Rodney Ascher’s ‘A Glitch in the Matrix’ Acquired by Magnolia Ahead of Sundance Premiere

Documentary that explores idea of living in a simulation will launch in theaters and on demand Feb. 5 immediately following festival debut

The Sundance Film Festival only just announced its lineup on Tuesday, but we already have a sale. Magnolia has acquired the worldwide rights to “A Glitch In The Matrix,” a sci-fi documentary from director Rodney Ascher that is set to premiere in the Midnight section of the festival.

Ascher is the director of “Room 237” and “The Nightmare,” and his latest film examines the idea that maybe we’re all living in a simulation as presupposed by “The Matrix.”

Magnolia will launch “A Glitch In The Matrix” in theaters and on demand on February 5, immediately following its Sundance premiere. This is Ascher’s third film to premiere at the festival.

Ascher’s film poses a red pill/blue pill scenario and asks the question, “What if we are living in a simulation, and the world as we know it is not real?”

To tackle this wild idea, Ascher uses a noted speech from Philip K. Dick to dive down the rabbit hole of science, philosophy and conspiracy theory. Leaving no stone un-turned in exploring the un-provable, the film uses contemporary cultural touchstones like “The Matrix,” interviews with real people shrouded in digital avatars and a wide array of voices, expert and amateur alike. If simulation theory is not science fiction but fact, and life is a video game being played by some unknowable entity, then who are we, really? “A Glitch In The Matrix” attempts to find out.

“A Glitch In the Matrix” is a Campfire production, in association with Highland Park Classics and Valparaiso Pictures. The film is produced by Ross M. Dinerstein, CEO of Campfire, a Wheelhouse Entertainment company. The film’s executive producers are Colin Frederick, Ascher, Ross Girard, David Carrico and Adam Paulsen. Co-executive producers are Tim Kirk, Rebecca Evans, Neil Tabatznik, and Robin Smith. Tyler Glodt is co-producer.

“A Glitch In The Matrix is a mind-scrambler in the most profound, accomplished way,” Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles said in a statement. “Rodney Ascher has made a work that will have you legitimately questioning your universe.”

“Considering the number of realities I could have found myself trapped in, I’m thrilled to actually be in the one where we’ve found partners as bold and supportive as Magnolia to work with on this project,” Ascher said. “The film was an amazing opportunity to engage with big ideas and explore animation and science-fiction inspired imagery on the biggest canvas I’ve ever had, so I’m thankful we’re in such good hands to get it out into the world.”

The deal was negotiated by Magnolia EVP Dori Begley and SVP of Acquisitions John Von Thaden, and by CAA Media Finance on behalf of the filmmakers.

Ascher is represented by CAA, manager Lee Stobby and lawyer Stephen Clark.

Check out a teaser trailer for the documentary “A Glitch In The Matrix” here and above.


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