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Roger Ebert Death: Remembering His Best Tweets

The late film critic blazed a trail on the social media site.

Roger Ebert spent a great deal of the last four decades as one of most notable critics of the newspaper age. But, that didn’t stop him from becoming a force to reckon with in the digital age.

Since October of 2009 and his subsequent 31,260 tweets, Ebert has shared not only his film reviews, but breaking news, cultural opinions and his often sharp humor with a growing fanbase that grew to more than 836,000 followers.

From his first poetic tweet in which he wrote, “One of the surprises you get when growing older is that the people you knew when you were young are young forever.”

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His last 140 word-capped Twitter entry will now historically end with his announcement that his cancer had returned in an article he called, “A Leave of Presence.”

Between those two points, Ebert shared some pretty amazing musings. Here are our picks for the best.

He can always kick up a controversy. His tweet following MTV star Ryan Dunn‘s death.

Ebert weighs in Sandra Bullock.

Ebert on John McCain.

On Charlie Sheen joining Twitter.

His #SteelyDanMoment series of tweets. For example:

Ebert on Lady Gaga.

Ebert slams Sarah Palin.

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