Ron Goldman’s Sister Under Fire for Tweeting OJ Simpson’s Prison Address

Critic says Kim Goldman is “no better than” the man who was accused of killing her brother

Kim Goldman made things extra-personal following the series finale of FX’s “The People v. O.J. Simpson” this week.

After declaring relief that the series — which chronicled the Simpson trial stemming from the murders of her brother, Ron Goldman, and Nicole Brown Simpson — had run its course, Goldman tweeted Simpson’s address to enable others to send hate mail to Simpson.

“Finally, it’s over. #PeoplevsOJSimpson @ACSFX,” Goldman tweeted Wednesday, a day after the season finale of the anthology series.

After another Twitter user asked, “@KimEGoldman @ACSFX am I allowed to send oj jate mail in jail cause I wanna,” Goldman didn’t hesitate to provide the info.

“Yep! INMATE # 1027820 LOVELOCK CORRECTIONAL CENTER 1200 PRISON ROAD LOVELOCK, NEVADA 89419,” Goldman wrote, providing the contact information for Simpson, who’s currently incarcerated after being convicted of robbery.

Not everybody was happy about Goldman divulging the information.

“@KimEGoldman @itsrealH @ACSFX woo you live with the death of of ur brother by tormenting the ‘killer’??” one critic asked Thursday.

“Not in the least,” Goldman replied, “just reminding you that I’m living with this everyday as well. there is no ‘moving on.'”

Goldman’s detractor later replied, “You revealing his address and encouraging hate mail makes you no better than him…,” adding the hashtag “#myopinion.”

The comparison drew a sharp and swift response from Goldman.

“I am no better than a double murderer. wow. I am done,” Goldman shot back.

Goldman has been critical of the FX series in the past. Appearing on “Steve Harvey” last month, she likened the small-screen reenactment to having “gallons of salt” poured in a newly re-opened wound.

Read the Twitter exchange below.

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