Ron Perlman Blasts Ted Cruz Over Ketanji Brown Jackson Questioning: ‘Go F– Yourself’ (Video)

“I know how tempting it is to appeal to the real lowest form of humanity … because at least you have a base,” the “Hellboy” actor said

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Ron Perlman freewheelingly berated Ted Cruz on Wednesday in a profane video over the Texas senator’s comments at the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Ketanji Brown Jackson.

“Hi Ted, Ron here,” the “Hellboy” actor began in a video posted to social media. “Listen, I know how tempting it is to appeal to the real lowest form of humanity here in the United States, the bottom feeders, people who pride themselves on hatred and uneducation and inability to read and inability to understand the difference between true patriotism and the bullshit you’re selling.

“I know how tempting it is to play to those people,” Perlman continued. “Because at least you have a base, but Jesus Christ Ted, for somebody with a really, really small d—, you get to be a bigger prick every f—in day. Go f— yourself.”

Watch the video in full below (as noted, it is NSFW).

This isn’t the first time Perlman has weighed in with his opinion on hot-button topics of national importance.

At the end of January, Perlman scolded critics of Adam McKay’s climate change film “Don’t Look Up,” which came out at the end of 2021. 

“F— you and your self-importance and this self-perpetuating need to say everything bad about something just so that you can get some attention for something that you had no idea about creating,” the actor said in an interview with The Independent.

“It’s corrupt. And it’s sick. And it’s twisted,” he added.

In the film, a pair of scientists (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) discover a comet headed toward earth that will likely bring about the planet’s destruction. After a failed attempt at urging the president (Meryl Streep) and her son (Jonah Hill) to act on the impending doomsday comet, DiCaprio and Lawrence then embark on an obstacle-ridden journey through the media cycle to try and spread the word more publicly. 

Perlman starred as military officer Benedict Drask, whom the U.S. government asks to go into space to stop the approaching comet that will destroy earth. But when the government realizes the comet could contain a substance worth trillions of dollars, they change their mind about sending Drask out to stop it.

Cruz has not yet responded to Perlman’s tweet.