Ronny Jackson Reacts to White House Comparing Him to ‘The Simpsons’ Dr. Nick: ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’ | Video

“It doesn’t surprise me that they spend all their time watching ‘The Simpsons,'” the physician says

Rep. Ronny Jackson slammed the White House for comparing him to Dr. Nick, an animated character from “The Simpsons,” following his push to have Biden sit for a cognitive test to prove his mental fitness for presidency.

While appearing on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss how Biden’s physical exam won’t include a cognitive test, he also addressed the administration dissing him as a doctor.

“In a statement to Fox Digital, they compared you to a ‘Simpsons’ character, basically saying you have no credibility, implying that you kind of fudged Trump’s cognitive test and that you have no credibility on this,” host Laura Ingraham said.

In response, Jackson — who served the White House from 2013 to to 2018 — laid out his extensive background serving as the physician for three former presidents.

“That’s absolutely ridiculous. Laura, I was at the White House, I was a White House physician for 14 years. I took care of President Bush for three years, I took care of President Obama for eight years and I took care of President Trump for three years,” Jackson said. “So I was there for 14 years for three different administrations, including eight years in the Obama administration, which I was the appointed physician to the president, for Obama.”

Jackson’s credibility has come into question in the years since serving Bush, Obama and Trump, however, most notably via accusations of drunken misconduct and alleged “severe and systemic problems” in the pharmacy unit.

“Most of these people, a lot of these people in the West Wing right now with Joe Biden, I took care of them,” Jackson continued. “So for them to make that claim is ridiculous. It doesn’t surprise me that they spend all their time watching ‘The Simpsons.’”

Jackson’s clap back stems from the White House mocking the Texas representative, who urged that Biden should undergo a cognitive test, as the mental capabilities of both he and former President Trump have come into question ahead of the 2024 election.

A Fox News Digital reporter previously asked White House spokesman Andrew Bates about Jackson’s request, and he replied to the question by saying, “Hi, Dr. Nick.” A photo of the “Simpsons” character, who is known in the show for his questionable medical decisions, was attached.

Biden’s medical exam is reportedly scheduled for next week.


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