Roseanne Barr Quit Stand-Up Because She Says TV Execs Threatened Her Residuals

“I was told that me getting in trouble one more time, I wouldn’t have my reruns anymore,” Barr said on Joe Rogan’s podcast

roseanne barr
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Roseanne Barr appeared on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast Thursday to once again rehash her dramatic ouster from the ABC sitcom that bore her name.

Describing the network’s decision to cancel its hugely successful “Roseanne” reboot as “the worst, most horrible thing I’ve ever been through,” Barr suggested tensions between her and the show’s executives had been simmering for months before they came to a public boil last summer.

“It’s all because I said that I like [Donald] Trump,” Barr said, reflecting on the reason her public comments came under such close scrutiny. “A lot of cabals in Hollywood, that’s all they needed to hear: ‘She must be destroyed.’”

Barr, the star and executive producer of ABC’s high-profile “Roseanne” reboot, was ousted by the network after she posted a racist tweet about a former Obama administration official, which the network publicly condemned as “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.” Barr apologized for the comment, but was swiftly fired. “Roseanne” was later revived as a spinoff titled “The Conners” without her involvement.

Barr told Rogan that she had been warned — by executives she doesn’t name — not to say anything that could be construed as “offensive.”

“That’s kind of what killed the comedy thing for me. I was told that me getting in trouble one more time, I wouldn’t have my reruns anymore. And I live on that [income], you know?” she said. “I asked for it to be defined … They said, ‘You know what it means.’”

Reruns of the original show were, in fact, pulled from a number of channels after ABC came down with its decision, including Viacom’s networks Paramount Network, TV Land and CMT. Laff, a digital network that programs reruns of sitcoms spanning several decades, made the same move.

In the year and a half since, Barr has spoken out about her firing a number of times, pinning the blame on — at various points, with varying levels of contrition — Ambien, anti-semitism and her former co-star Sara Gilbert. She has also said that her words have been mischaracterized and taken out of context.

On Thursday, she suggested she was targeted because her political views didn’t align with higher-ups in Hollywood and because she was saying things decision-makers didn’t want to hear.

“These people that think people are rude are the rudest fucking assholes on earth,” she said.