‘Roseanne’ Redux as John Goodman Signs on for Barr’s New Pilot

Barr plays a trailer park operator and matriarch

Roseanne Barr's TV husband, John Goodman, has signed on to co-star in her new NBC pilot about a trailer park operator who serves as a matriarch to the people who live there, the network said Friday.

The project reunites Barr and Goodman, who played married couple Dan and Roseanne Connor from 1988 to 1997 on the hit ABC sitcom "Roseanne." The show will find the stars again trying to speak for blue-collar America.

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Goodman, a staple of Coen brothers films, has since appeared occasionally on television, most notably on the first season of HBO's "Treme."

The new pilot comes as Barr seeks the Green Party's nomination for president. Equal time provisions would put NBC in an awkward position if she receives the nomination — to say nothing of the crimp it might put in her shooting schedule if she wins the presidency.