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‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Star Gregg Sulkin Insists ‘No One Is Evil’ in Hulu Series (Video)

”It’s a 2017 twist on a teenage story,“ actor tells TheWrap

Gregg Sulkin stars in the Hulu series “Marvel’s Runaways” as Chase Stein, one of a group of teenagers who discover their parents are secretly members of a supervillain organization. But Sulkin warns, calling the parents “evil” would be going too far.

“Josh [Schwartz] and Steph [Savage, co-showrunners] always say that no one is evil on the show,” the actor said in an interview with TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell.

“The parents have their own point of view,” he continued. “That’s what makes the show interesting. You obviously take the side of the kids, but over the course of the first season you kind of realize, ‘Yes what they’re doing is horrendous, but I kind of understand why they’re doing it.’ ”

That the parents have their own storylines and sympathetic (at least to a degree) motivations shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans of Schwartz and Savage, given that fully realized adult characters on teen dramas have been a hallmark of their work dating back to “The O.C.”

But even though at it’s core “Runaways” is a teen drama, the show is still a Marvel series, one that incorporates aliens and magic and superheroes and time travel. “It’s a 2017 twist on a teenage story,” Sulkin said.

“Marvel fans are always excited to see a Marvel project,” he said. “So for our show, they were super pumped, super excited. and thankfully the reviews before the show aired were great, and so we kind of anticipated that people would like it.

New episodes of “Marvel’s Runaways” are made available to stream Tuesdays on Hulu.