‘Rutherford Falls’ Creator on ‘Rare’ Chance to Write a Native American Story

”It really did feel like an incredible collaboration, which I will say rarely happens,“ Sierra Teller Ornelas tells TheWrap

Peacock premieres “Rutherford Falls” Thursday, a new series from “Good Place” creator Mike Schur about two lifelong best friends: Nathan  Rutherford  (“Office” alum Ed Helms), a  descendant of the fictional upstate New York small-town’s founder who takes pride in his family’s history, and Reagan Wells (Jana Schmieding), a member of the Minishonka Nation, who has dreams of championing her own history.

And though the initial idea for the comedy came from Schur and Helms, as soon as they started to think beyond Nathan’s half of the story, based on his experience as a white man, and into what would become Reagan’s world, they knew they wanted to bring a Native American voice in to develop that side in full.

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Jennifer Maas

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