Ryan Dunn’s Ghost Role in ‘Living Will’ Now Lionsgate’s Dilemma

Studio has purchased home entertainment rights to low-budget comedy, one of “Jackass” star’s last roles

Last Updated: June 22, 2011 @ 5:26 PM

Lionsgate may have a problem on its hands.

The studio recently purchased home entertainment rights to "Living Will," in which Ryan Dunn plays a ghost, TheWrap has learned. 

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Dunn, who died in a drunk driving accident Monday morning, shot the film months ago. It was one of his last roles.

Before the actor's car crash, Lionsgate had been planning a October release for the low-budget comedy, according to an individual with knowledge of the production. It's not known if that date will be moved given Dunn's death. 

A spokeswoman for Lionsgate confirmed that the studio had bought the rights and said that no theatrical release was planned. 

"Living Will" was shot for roughly $250,000 and represented a departure for Dunn from his wild-man "Jackass" persona. 

The film centers on two friends, one of whom dies and comes back after his surviving buddy begins dating his cousin. Dunn plays the dead friend. 

"It proves he could really act," an individual with knowledge of the production told TheWrap. 

Here's the trailer: