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Ryan Phillippe Is Not Returning for ‘Secrets and Lies’ Season 2 Contrary to Reports, Social Media

The actor congratulates the show, co-star Juliette Lewis and busts bad buzz and false stories

Ryan Phillippe is not returning for Season 2 of ABC’s “Secrets and Lies,” despite what you may have read. And, yes we’re bummed too.

When ABC picked up the series for a sophomore year late Thursday the internet was flooded with congratulatory Twitter messages to Phillippe from viewers. Several entertainment news outlets assumed Phillippe was returning with one site even touting the second season as a “score” for him.

The 40 year-old actor turned out some stellar performances on “Secrets and Lies,” which were arguably some of his best work as a leading man. But the actor began telling fans nearly a week ago that if the limited run series returned, it would not be his character Ben Crawford’s story that the new season revolved around. Clearly, not everyone across social media was listening. Therefore, Phillippe tried again Friday morning to clear up the incorrect news reports and buzz across social media.

“I’m so happy and excited for all involved that secrets & lies will return for another season,” the actor started. “Congrats to Juliette, Barbie Kligman, Aaron Kaplan & the writers.”

“Since there seems to be some confusion…the 1st season was a/b a man accused, his family & how he ultimately sacrifices himself for them,” he continued. “That story has been told to completion, this season, as was always the intent.”

“Secrets and Lies” is a remake of an original Australian series of the same name which centers around a detective tracking a new murder each season. Phillippe knowingly signed on for the gig as a one and done deal. A show insider also told TheWrap that the plan was always for Phillippe and others to depart after the initial 10-episode run. “Secrets and Lies” Season 2 will bring on an entirely new cast, other than bringing Juliette Lewis back as Detective Cornell.

After last Sunday’s shocking finale which revealed Tom Murphy’s killer in the season-long murder mystery, ABC’s online companion series “Cornell Confidential” tied up the story further to presumably explain the absence of Phillippe’s character when the show returns. But, understandably, it doesn’t mean fans of the series are happy with the news since Phillippe was main draw of the show.

No storyline or casting details are available yet for Season 2.

Phillippe concluded: “I know the next story will be just as compelling. though I won’t be back, I will be watching & we all appreciate the fans who made this show a real success with its renewal.”

Here is Phillippe’s latest post:

Watch Ben Crawford’s story tied up in bonus video on ABC’s “Cornell Confidential”