Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Harasses Kids Dressed as X-Men in New Viral Teaser (Video)

The hilarious video gives a preview of the actor reprising Marvel’s antihero

For someone who’s very recently become a dad, Ryan Reynolds isn’t very good with kids. In a hilarious clip posted on Reynolds’ Twitter Tuesday, he embodies his jokey superhero Deadpool, and harasses a group of pint-sized X-Men.

The video, titled “How Deadpool Spent Halloween,” the actor begins by asking, “Now, how many of you have taken a human life?”

He also refers to Cyclops as “Stevie Wonder” — though the children don’t seem put out by the verbal abuse. Mini-Mystique throws the camera some sassy side-eye, while small Cyclops takes Deadpool’s harassment in stride.

While chatting with Wolverine, Reynolds’ Deadpool turns to the camera and says, “You hit puberty early…and hard.” Other highlights include Deadpool comparing Storm’s powers to weatherman Al Roker’s and young Cyclops suggesting that Deadpool might be drunk.

The video is the latest viral teaser for Reynolds, who reprises his role as Deadpool from 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in a standalone film hitting theaters on Feb. 12, 2016.