Twitter Can’t Figure Out What Accent Ryan Seacrest Is Doing on the Oscars Red Carpet – or Why

“Why is @RyanSeacrest appropriating everyone’s accent when they talked to him? Why Ryan? Why?” one viewer tweets

Ryan Seacrest on Oscars Red Carpet

Ryan Seacrest whipped out a few accents while interviewing Oscar 2020 nominees and attendees during E’s “Live From the Red Carpet” on Sunday night — Twitter just couldn’t figure out exactly what the accents were and why he was doing them.

“What is this weird accent Ryan Seacrest keeps slipping into? #Oscars,” one Twitter user wrote while watching Seacrest co-host E!’s pre-Oscar coverage with Giuliana Rancic ahead of the 92nd Annual Academy Awards tonight.

“Ryan Seacrest is doing this weird thing where he mimics the accent of whoever he’s interviewing…so let’s just say that Selma [sic] Hayek didn’t seem amused,” another tweeted, after Seacrest spoke with Salma Hayek.

Some viewers tweeted that they thought Seacrest had used a Spanish accent while interviewing Best Actor nominee Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz as well, and that he’d gone into an Irish-sounding voice while talking to Best Actress nominee Saoirse Ronan.

“Why is @RyanSeacrest appropriating everyone’s accent when they talked to him? Why Ryan? Why?” another person watching E!’s Oscars red carpet coverage wrote.

Some people didn’t even classify Seacrest’s voice choice as a foreign accent, with one user tweeting: “When did #ryanseacrest start speaking in a @Madonna accent? #Oscars.”

See more of Twitter’s reactions to Seacrest’s voice choices below.

The 92nd Academy Awards air live tonight at 8/7c on ABC.