Saadi Gadhafi Emails CNN, Says He Wants to ‘Negotiate’ Deal

The emails suggested that Saadi Gadhafi was not under arrest, as rebel leaders had said on Sunday


Like his father, Saadi Gadhafi is apparently still at large, and looking to negotiate a deal for the Gadhafis and remaining Libyan loyalists.

The middle son of the Libyan dictator sent an email to a CNN correspondent Nic Robertson on Wednesday saying he wanted to avoid a “sea of blood” in Tripoli.

The emails suggested that Saadi Gadhafi was not under arrest, as rebel leaders had said on Sunday.  Libya’s National Transitional Council, the rebels’ governing body, said on Sunday  they had arrested Saif al-Islam and Saadi Gadhafi. A third, Muhammad, was reported to have handed  himself in.

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But Muhammad managed to escape, while Saif turned up at a Tripoli hotel and talked to journalists on Sunday night.  

As for Saadi, Robertson said he wrote by email that there were still troops loyal to the dictator and more bloodshed might lie ahead. He wrote that he had reached out to The White House and NATO to negotiate a deal.

“Clearly this is a guy the rebels said they had, they’re still looking for him, he’s still on the loose,” said Robertson.  “It’s not clear if he wants to negotiate on what terms. It doesn’t seem to me he can negotiate from a position of strength.

With the rebels having overrun Gadhafi’s compound on Wednesday, there was little reason to think that Gadhafi could deliver on the threat.

Nonetheless his emails added to the mystery of the whereabouts of all the Gadhafis. The dictator’s location was still unknown on early Thursday in Libya. A $2.5 million bounty was offered for information leading to his arrest.

TheWrap reported in 2010 about an unusual alliance between producer Matty Beckerman and Gadhafi, and how they came to become business partners in Natural Selection, a movie company with plans to make five movies over the next 20 years.