Sacha Baron Cohen Reunites With His Spy Brother in New Trailer for ‘The Brothers Grimsby’ (Video)

The action comedy opens in theaters on Mar. 11

Sacha Baron Cohen reunites with his long-lost brother, who also happens to be a spy, in the new trailer for “The Brothers Grimsby.”

The trailer opens with two brothers at an orphanage who become separated when only one of them can be adopted. For 28 years, Nobby (Cohen) does everything to find his brother Sebastian (Mark Strong). When he learns of his location, he sets out to find him, unaware that his brother is both an MI:6 agent who has just uncovered a plot that will endanger the world.

The film follows Strong’s character as one of Britain’s top spies who is forced to team up with his soccer hooligan brother in order to complete a mission.

Rebel WilsonAnnabelle Wallis, Isla Fisher, Ian McShane and Penélope Cruz also star in the film. “Now You See Me” and “The Incredible Hulk” director Louis Leterrier led the project, based on a screenplay by Cohen, Phil Johnston and Peter Baynham.

“The Brothers Grimsby” opens in theaters on Mar. 11.

Watch the trailer above.


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