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Sacha Baron Cohen Trashes ‘Hooligan’ Donald Trump at ‘Brothers Grimsby’ Premiere

Baron Cohen’s character, Nobby, ”endorsed“ the GOP candidate at movie’s premiere on Thursday

Sacha Baron Cohen took aim at Donald Trump at the premiere of his new movie “The Brothers Grimsby” in more ways than one.

The new Sony comedy, in which Baron Cohen plays an English football hooligan who has a spy brother, includes a scene at the end in which the Republican presidential candidate contracts AIDS, which, according to several sources, received loud cheering and standing ovations at several advance screenings.

To further attack Trump, Baron Cohen, dressed as his character Nobby, wore a hat endorsing Trump’s campaign to the Detroit premiere of the film on Thursday night. The red hat bore the words, “Make America Great Again.”

Sony has denied reports that executives asked Baron Cohen to remove the Trump scene from the movie, though the film includes a disclaimer that Trump did not participate in the making of the movie and “is not HIV positive” in real life.

Sony execs told TheWrap that they never intervened in the filmmaking process and that Baron Cohen and his longtime director Louis Leterrier had the final cut. Moreover, Sony never limited the marketing of the film in fear of Trump’s reaction,, as several outlets reported.

“It is absolutely ridiculous. We support our film and our filmmaker,” Jean Guerin, spokesperson for Sony Pictures, told TheWrap.

Representatives for both Baron Cohen and Trump have not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

However, a studio executive characterized the provocation of the conservative mogul-turned-politician as a stunt rather than a serious critique.

While introducing “The Brothers Grimsby” at Thursday’s premiere, Baron Cohen took the opportunity to explain why he was “endorsing” Trump after initially endorsing that “crazy, liberal socialist Ted Cruz,” describing Trump as the “ultimate soccer hooligan,” who will choose “that retired black doctor” Bill Cosby for vice president.

“It was Donald’s rallies that won me over,” said Baron Cohen. “It’s like football matches in England: shouting, violence, abuse. The only difference is that we don’t throw the black people out. In fact, Donald is — and it’s the best thing about him — the ultimate soccer hooligan. He’ll listen thoughtfully to the other side’s argument … and then he’ll kick their fucking heads in.

Baron Cohen continued to explain why Nobby was giving his “weekly unemployment benefits” to Trump, who is worth “an amazing $4 million” due to investments and business acquisitions.

To sum up his speech, the actor held up a check, donning the amount $36.20, adding, “People of America, please vote Donald Julio Trump, and let’s turn the White House into the Orange House!”

Baron Cohen and Trump have publicly antagonized each other for years. Just in December, Baron Cohen wore his “Borat” costume on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to insult Trump over the candidate’s remarks about Muslims.