Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Borat’ Sequel Acquired by Amazon Studios

Film will hit Amazon Prime before Election Day

Sacha Baron Cohen Borat

Amazon Studios has acquired the “Borat” sequel and will debut it late October before Election Day on Amazon Prime, an individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap.

It was recently reported that actor/comedian Sacha Baron Cohen shot “Borat 2” during the coronavirus lockdown and that the film was being screened for Hollywood executives.

2006’s “Borat,” which was nominated for best adapted screenplay at the 2007 Academy Awards, grossed $262.6 million worldwide on an $18 million production budget.

The satirical film follows fictional Kazakhstan TV talking head Borat (Baron Cohen) who is dispatched to the U.S. with a documentary crew in tow to report on “the greatest country in the world.”

The film was directed by Larry Charles, and paved the way for Baron Cohen to do other films including “Bruno” ($138 million) and “The Dictator” ($179 million), though neither garnered the same level of response or box office success.

Baron Cohen produced “Borat” alongside Jay Roach (“Bombshell,” “Meet the Parents”). It’s unclear whether Roach is involved with the sequel.

CAA Media Finance brokered the deal with Amazon.

Deadline first reported news of the acquisition.


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