SAG-AFTRA’s Contract Will Change Self-Tape Auditions, But Some Actors Also See Unforeseen Drawbacks

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Guild members tell TheWrap that the new terms on auditions have key reforms, but also some major potential drawbacks

Barry Keoghan audition tape
Self-taped auditions like the one Barry Keoghan did for "The Batman" are a big part of SAG-AFTRA's new contract. (Barry Keoghan)

Artificial intelligence is the main topic of debate among SAG-AFTRA members over the new contract, which they are set to finish voting on today, but some guild members are trying to raise concerns about another issue that was key during strike-ending negotiations: auditions.

Two guild members who spoke to TheWrap said they were pleased that the SAG-AFTRA negotiating committee was successful in adding key reforms to lift financial and logistical burdens facing actors who do self-tape auditions. But they also said the contract language that classifies such auditions could be a major hurdle in a grassroots union effort to earn contract pay, and could also have other unforeseen creative drawbacks.


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