Sam Champion’s ‘AMHQ’ Cuts Jobs Just Four Months After Debut

The Weather Channel morning show cut between five and 12 production freelancers, depending on who you ask


Sam Champion’s Weather Channel morning show, “AMHQ,” has cut several production freelancers. The exact number kind of depends on who you talk to.

A spokesperson for The Weather Channel told TheWrap that five freelancers were let go — which is a lower total than other outlets reported.

The cable network also refuted reports that took the news even further, claiming staffer lay-offs and a hiring freeze: “We did not lay anyone off. Period,” a spokesperson for The Weather Channel told TheWrap. “We did adjust our daily contractor schedule in the studio to gain some efficiency post launch. But no employees were cut. And there are no cuts ahead. In fact we are hiring several new full time positions.”

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The spokesperson stated that this is simply a “typical production scenario,” where those needed at launch are no longer needed now that the show is underway.

MediaBistro’s TVNewser reports that the number of freelancers cut was actually a dozen.

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Furthermore, the spokesperson touted some positives for “AMHQ,” including ratings growth (8 percent) in comparison to the end of “Morning Rush,” which Champion’s show replaced. And in June, “AMHQ” bested its competition on MSNBC.

“AMHQ” launched in mid-March. Sam Champion left ABC News and “Good Morning America” in December.