‘Jurassic Park’ Star Sam Neill Feels a ‘Great Deal of Anxiety’ Over Climate-Change Deniers in Power

TCA 2019: “We can’t go on pretending this s– isn’t happening, because it is,” host of Ovation’s “The Pacific” says

jurassic park sam neill
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Sam Neill played a scientist (specifically, a paleontologist) in “Jurassic Park.” On Friday, Neill dropped some science on TV critics, though his intended ultimate audience clearly outranks us a little bit.

Neill, who is the host of Ovation travel show “The Pacific,” said the area chronicled on the series feels “a great deal of anxiety” about climate change.

“It fills me with a great deal of anxiety too, that there are so many people in charge of things around the world who are climate [change] deniers,” he told reporters during the Television Critics Association press tour. “The world is changing. Every time you open a newspaper, the news is worse and worse.”

“Our children, our grandchildren: They will live in an entirely different world. We must do something about this now,” Neill pled. “We can’t go on pretending this s— isn’t happening, because it is.”

“The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook” chronicles Neill as he follows in the footsteps of Captain James Cook 250 years after his epic exploration, per Ovation. Neill meets the descendants of the people Cook met and questions the impact this historical figure, forever tied to the Pacific, had.

New Ovation series “The Pacific” premieres Thursday, Feb. 14 at 10/9c.