‘Veep’ Star Sam Richardson Makes Request of Hollywood’s Studios as SAG-AFTRA Strike Continues: ‘Be Human Beings’ (Video)

“It’s about bringing art to people… It’s not just about the profits,” the actor tells TheWrap

Sam Richardson (Photo credit: Raquel Harris)
Sam Richardson (Raquel Harris for TheWrap)

“Veep” star Sam Richardson says he’d like members of the AMPTP to “be human beings” as SAG-AFTRA hits its 11th day on the pickets lines. 

The WGA strike struck on May 2, and following along in protest against the AMPTP on July 14 was SAG-AFTRA. The actors union made the decision after new contract talks with major studios and streaming services failed before July 13. The showdown could last months longer, and there’s even been speculation that studios will hold out until actors and writers are broken financially. 

While recognizing and acknowledging the history of how large operations like the Hollywood studios work, Richardson said one of the biggest messages he has for the AMPTP is to have empathy for other people. 

Sam Richardson at the Paramount Studios picket lines.

“Be human beings,” Richardson told TheWrap “We all understand how corporations work. The idea of perpetual growth. But this is art. We make this to show the human experience, and you’ve found a way to capitalize… it’s not an endless growth potential.”

The biggest concerns at this point in the strike are protections against AI and low residual payments and the struggle creatives are having with the AMPTP to find a fair deal for both parties.

“It’s about bringing art to people. And yes, you make some profit off that. But it’s not just about the profits,” Richardson continued. 

Along with acting, Richardson is also a writer and producer, well-known for co-creating and co-starring in the Comedy Central series “Detroiters.” His other notable projects include “Veep,” “Hooking Up” and “The Afterparty.”