Samantha Bee Returns to Cover That Giant ‘F– Up’ in Afghanistan (Video)

Or, as she referred to the U.S. exit strategy, “the world’s worst f—ing Irish Goodbye”

Samantha Bee has been off all summer, but she probably hasn’t been enjoying it. At the top of Wednesday’s “Full Frontal” return, Bee swiftly ran through much of the news she missed. That brief montage included, but was not limited to, the COVID-19 Delta variant’s surge, the tragic Florida condo collapse and Andrew Cuomo’s resignation as mayor of New York City.

And if you thought Bee was not going to take an opportunity to mock Mike Richards after being fired from “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune,” well, think again.

“He was producing ‘Jeopardy!’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ but ironically lost it all because he was the Whammy,” she joked.

But then the former “Daily Show” correspondent got to our ill-fated Afghanistan exit strategy, which has resulted in more tragedy in the Middle East.

“Americans have mostly been focused in our problems at home, but right now our government is reminding us just how badly we can f— things up abroad,” she said.

“This is the tragic end of an American military occupation that spanned two decades, four presidential administrations and at least five trends in women’s denim,” Bee said. “Skinny jeans were done before the War in Afghanistan.”

Bee called our military quickly leaving Afghanistan, which resulted in an even-quicker Taliban takeover, “the world’s worst f—ing Irish Goodbye.”

She concluded: “We screwed up how we went into Afghanistan. We screwed up how we stayed in Afghanistan. We screwed up our deal to leave Afghanistan. And now we screwed up withdrawing from Afghanistan. At every step, we f—ed up. The least we can do is give refuge to the very people whose lives and homes our aimless war devastated. Truly, it is the bare minimum. We helped create this mess, which means it is our responsibility to help clean it up.”

Watch the video above.

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