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Samantha Bee’s ‘Wayne’s World’ Parody Has Election 2020 Alternate Endings (Video)

A GOP Senator even gets eaten by a Venus flytrap

Samantha Bee channeled Mike Myers’ “Saturday Night Live” character in a “Wayne’s World” sketch that imagined alternate endings to Election 2020’s presidential race. She had Juliana Hatfield serve as the basement band in the scene, which aired on  Wednesday’s “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.” 

In the first scenario, Bee’s Wayne Campbell is shaken by the news that Donald Trump won re-election in a landslide and the GOP took control of both the Senate and the House. Right after learning the news, the basement starts shaking as a fatal earthquake destroys America.

“Wait, can’t do this ending, it’s too sad. Let’s do the mystery one,” Bee said.

The “mystery one” that Bee (as Wayne) referred to is none other than a happy Joe Biden alternative ending.

That ending is chock full of Bee’s best-case scenarios with not only Biden becoming the 46th President of the United States but Trump doesn’t even throw a tantrum and contest it. Additionally, a COVID vaccine is discovered and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham falls into a giant Venus flytrap.

Bee joked at the end of the sketch: “I’ve learned I could pretend to understand a movie I’ve never seen because when I went with my grandma in 1992, she hated it so much she made us walk out of the theater.”

Watch the sketch above.