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Samuel L Jackson Is Not Amused by Jon Voight’s Insane ‘Civil War’ Video: ‘F— John Voight’

Voight as it happens isn’t taking Donald Trump’s election loss very well

Samuel L. Jackson had a very succinct message for Jon Voight after the “Ray Donovan” actor posted an absolutely unhinged video on Twitter claiming Democrats are working on behalf of Satan and that the effort to overturn the 2020 election is a righteous fight on par with the civil war: “F—. John Voight!!!”

Honestly, we’re not entirely sure if misspelling Voight’s first name was a typo or deliberate.

In the video, which can be viewed here if you want, Voight lies about the election by saying that Joe Biden’s election victory over donald Trump is itself a “lie.” And that’s when things get really disturbing.

“As if we all don’t know the truth. And when one tries to deceive, we know that one can’t get away with it,” Voight says before indulging in some revenge fantasies against Democrats for having the gall to be happy about winning an election “There will be a price to pay. The ones who are jumping for joy now are jumping toward the horror they will be in for, because I know that the promises being made from the left to the American people will never come to be.”

“My friends of all colors, races, and religions, this is now our greatest fight since the Civil War,” Voight goes on to say. “The battle of righteousness versus Satan. Yes, Satan. Because these leftists are evil, corrupt, and they want to tear down this nation. We must not allow this. We must fight this corruption that has taken over and fight for the good that seems lost. Let us give our trust to God and fight now for Trump’s victory because we all know this ballot count is corruption like they are.”

Of course, everything Voight said is false. According to the New York Times, Washington Post and even Fox News, not to mention many, many judges, there has been no evidence of voter fraud. And just as important, Biden has already leads in the popular vote by more than 5 million votes, and all major media outlets have projected he will easily win the electoral college. (Also, as far as we know, Joe Biden has not declared allegiance to the dark one.)

But Jackson singled out another specific problem in Voight’s crazy video — that comparison to the Civil War. “First, you gotta stop looking at this insanity!! The Civil War was about Slavery so pay attention to the symbolism. Lastly F—. John Voight!!!”

He’s right about that by the way: Every single state that issued decrees explaining why they were committing treason specifically cited preservation of slavery. Of course, in absolutely fairness he’s not right about how Voight’s first name is spelled.

See the video, and Jackson’s response, below.