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Samuel L Jackson Presses Trump on Definition of Terrorism: ‘Can You Say It???!!!!!!’

Hold on to your butts

Samuel L. Jackson channeled his “Pulp Fiction” character Jules Winnfield in a tweet where he reacted to President Trump’s response to the mysterious packages sent to CNN’s New York City office on Wednesday, as well as the residences of the Clintons, the Obamas and George Soros, among others.

Jackson pressed Trump to call the attacks what they are in a way that only the actor could.

Samuel L. Jackson tweet

Earlier in the day, President Trump issued a statement on the attacks, saying, “In these times, we have to unify. We have to come together and send one very clear, strong and unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America.” However, according to The Washington Post, Trump did not respond to a shouted question as to whether the bombs were domestic terrorism.

Comparatively, many GOP leaders were quick to call the bomb threats terrorism. Mitch McConnell, issued a statement saying, “I stand with all Americans in condemning today’s attempted acts of domestic terrorism.” Paul Ryan issued a similar tweet saying we “cannot tolerate any attempt to terrorize public figures.”

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also said, “This clearly is an act of terror, attempting to undermine our free press and leaders of this country through acts of violence.”

Time Warner Center, where CNN’s offices and studios are located, was evacuated Wednesday morning. Following a lengthy security sweep by the New York Police Department, CNN staffers were allowed back into the building in the afternoon.

Jackson has previously been critical of Trump, calling him a liar after the president denied having ever met him.