Sandra Bullock Fights Off Tears During Emotional Jay Leno Send Off (Video)

Appearing in Leno’s penultimate episode of “Tonight Show,” the “Gravity” star broke down in tears as she wished the late-night comic goodbye

Sandra Bullock fought back tears of sorrow on Jay Leno‘s second-to-last show Wednesday night as she said her last goodbyes to the outgoing talk show host. Leno complimented her performance in 1993’s “Wrestling Ernest Hemingway.”

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“You just popped and I went, ‘Oh, my god. This person’s gotta be a big star,’” Leno told the “Gravity” actress. “And it all came true.”

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“I’d like to say something. I’m going to start crying!” Bullock interjected emotionally.

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“You’ve always been so kind — that’s saying a lot in this business because we like to be mean!” she joked with tears streaming down her cheeks. “There’s not been one time that you haven’t treated me like I had something to offer. Even when the film was horrible and you knew it, you never let me see it in your eyes. When I made crazy life decisions, you never questioned. You were so welcoming. I just felt special, even when I felt very insecure. And everyone in this room and in this country has felt this every day that you have been in their home.”

Watch Bullock’s emotional video: