Sandra Bullock to Receive Palm Spring Film Festival Achievement Award

Actress had a big year at the box office with “The Heat” and “Gravity”

Sandra Bullock, who is currently in the thick of the Oscar race for her role as a courageous astronaut in “Gravity,” will receive the Desert Palm Achievement Award at the 25th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Each year the festival selects an actor and actress to receive the honor, and this year Bullock will pick up her award with Matthew McConaughey, who is coming off an acclaimed turn as an AIDS activist in “Dallas Buyers Club.”

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In addition to her role in “Gravity,” Bullock had another box office hit with last summer’s raunchy comedy “The Heat.”

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The awards will be handed out on January 4.

Sandra Bullock is the epitome of cinematic talent and versatility,” the festival’s chairman Harold Matzner said in a statement. “In her latest and arguably most demanding role as first-time astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone in ‘Gravity,’ Bullock faces the primal nightmare of being stranded in space with no apparent way of returning. Throughout the entire film, her determination to survive is masterfully portrayed. ”

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Past actresses who have received the award include Marion Cotillard, Anne Hathaway, Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams.